Terms of Use and Conditions

It is possible to pay through Paypal (Pay in 3 is available only for Italy at the moment) or Credit/Debit Cards. Bank Deposit Payment is also possible.  In order to proceed with payment, you can add the products you want to buy to the cart, and then proceed with the checkout process, that automatically will ask you to insert your payment details.

Pay Later (Max 5 Days) is an option to place an order without having to pay immediately. After placing the order you'll receive an invoice through Paypal to pay the amount required.

In case of problems with payments, please contact us through the "Contact Us" module.

If a product you received shows some damage, contact us with the form on our site and attach a photo showing clearly the damage within 7 days from the reception of the package. You can do this process in the case of clearly visible production defects of a figure or product, we'll find in every way possible to help you offering you a return and refunds on a case by case basis. Before shipping a product we accurately check it. 

Returns are accepted if the defects are related to the actual product, not to damages to the BOX of the product.

As for videogames, we cannot give refunds of games that can be activate through codes.

Before shipping a product we accurately check the box, in order to see its condition. In case of medium or severe damages, we'll offer automatically a refund through Store Credit of 5% of the value of the product for Medium Damages and 10% for box with severe damage.

In EVERY CASE, if possible, before shipping a damaged box product we'll reorder another figure with a perfect box, if available from our suppliers and then ship the perfect box to you.

In some cases, like in case of a rare products, this can't happen because sometimes rare or very expensive products are hard to find, so we would like to offer this service as compensation in case of damaged boxes we detect.

It's not possible to ask for a partial refund for a damaged box. It's a partial refund we offer automatically.

Obviously if a product is signaled as "BOX DAMAGED" in the title, this program doesn't apply.

In case of a request of refund of an order or preorder, for any reason, even if you simply change your mind, we can provide the refund on the method used to pay (Like Credit Card, Paypal...) for 30 days since the creation of your order. After this period the refund will be possible but will be given through Store Credit. Backorder cannot be cancelled, if you have particular problems, please contact us.

A product labeled as "In Stock" is a product we have in our warehouse and is ready to be shipped right after an order. We only list as "In Stock" products we really have, we usually provide a sample photo of one of the available products.

A product in "Preorder" is a product with an announced future release, that you can order in advance. The indicated date is estimated and may change. We'll notify you the new estimated availability with a message.

A product in "Backorder" is a product we don't have in stock but can we can order for you from our suppliers. Usually the time required from the time of your request to the reception of the product is of 1-3 months for Preorders Japan Import. For all "normal" backorder usually we need 3 weeks. For Backorders we require immediate payment of the product and they cannot be normally cancelled.

By Placing a Preorder you are asking us to reserve a copy of the product for you when it will be released and accepting that the product's release could be delayed. 

To Preorder a product, it is necessary to pay the complete price of the product or to pay a Deposit.

You can choose to pay immediately only a part of the preorder choosing "Preorder Deposit". If you choose this option you'll pay only the 30% of the price of the product and the shipping immediately. When the product will be near the release we'll send you an invoice through Stripe or Paypal to pay for the remaining amount (Bargaining isn't allowed or we'll cancel the preorder). Please note that the amount of preorder deposit will be refunded as store credit in case of cancellation of the preorder. If for some reasons we cannot provide the product you ordered we'll refund you and offer you a compensation.

In case the second part isn't paid in 14 days we'll cancel the preorder. If there are problems in paying please contact us and we won't cancel the preorder, you can pay at a later date, or we can divide the amount to pay in parts. If the second part of the preorder is not paid we'll refund your deposit as Store Credit.

For all eligible preorders products, if you choose to pay the full price, the price will automatically have a 5% discount applied.

For products in the categories ""New Preorders (With Preorder Discount until 30 month") an automatic discount will be applied until the date indicated in the title. The discount will be 5% for all customers, 7% for Loyalty customers level 0 and 1, 8% for Level 2 and 10% for Level 3.


Normally it is always possible to cancel a preorder. Refunds will be given on the original payment method in the first 30 days after the order, and as Store Credit after that period.
Please note that the amount of a preorder deposit will be always refunded as store credit in case of cancellation of the preorder.

Please bear in mind we don't have an obligation to accept your preorder cancellation request, but in every case we'll do our best to try to fulfill your needs.

When a product is near the release we can't guarantee to be able to accept Preorder Cancellations because the product could already be arriving to our warehouses.

If you wish to cancel a preorder, please contact us.

We ALWAYS ship from Italy. We try to ship every order and preorder as fast as possible and usually ship "In Stock" products in 24/48 hours. For Pre-Orders the estimate delivery dates are written in every product.
Since our warehouse is becoming very big, sometimes there could be some delay in the shipping and delivery of orders, in this case please be patient and contact us if you need more info.

We usually ship with UPS or Express tracked postal service.
For Extra Europe destinations, we usually ship with Express tracked postal service. Please be advised that there could be sometimes slowdowns in shipping, due to the availabilty of couriers.

All our shipments are tracked, you'll receive the tracking code of your order, right after its departure from our shop!

Shipment Table

Country Shipping Cost       
Free Shipment Available for Orders over 59.99 Euro
Albania 24.99 Euro No
Austria 5,99 Euro No
Belgium 4,99 Euro Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina 19.99 Euro No
Bulgaria 9.99 Euro No
Canada 24.99 Euro No
Croatia 6.99 Euro No
Cyprus 14.99 Euro No
Czech Republic 6.99 Euro Yes
Denmark 6.99 Euro No
Estonia 9.99 Euro No
Finland 5.99 Euro Yes 
France 4,99 Euro Yes
Germany 4,99 Euro Yes
Greece 5.99 Euro Yes
Hungary 6.99 Euro No
Ireland 6.99 Euro Yes
Italy Free Yes
Latvia 6.99 Euro No
Liechtenstein 29.99 Euro No
Lithuania 4.99 Euro Yes
Luxembourg 4.99 Euro Yes
Malta 9.99 Euro No
Monaco 4.99 Euro Yes
Montenegro 19.99 Euro No
Norway 24.99 Euro No
Poland 5.99 Euro Yes
Portugal 5.99 Euro Yes
Netherlands 4.99 Euro Yes
Romania 4.99 Euro Yes
Slovakia 4.99 Euro Yes
Slovenia 4.99 Euro Yes
Spain Peninsula And Baleari Islands 4.99 Euro Yes
Sweden 6.99 Euro No
Switzerland 24.99 Euro No
United Kingdom (Minimum Order 180 Euro) 8 Euro No (Please read rules below)
United States 49.99 Euro No



For UK Customers, we require now a minimum order of 180 euro. Please consider every order as a single shipment, we'll ship every product in the same order in a single shipment.

If you want to buy multiple products, consider the date of the release of each product, because we MUST, not for our choice, ship all products of the order in the same shipping.

Please bear in mind there will be always custom fees for orders of this amount. 

Since we ship from Italy, if you live in an extra EU country (Like UK) it's possible you'll have to pay custom fees to import the product in your country. In no way we are responsible for this and Penguin's Crown will not pay custom fees you'll refuse to pay. If we receive a product back for which you refused to pay custom fees the product will remain legally yours, and when asked we'll re ship it to you. In case we incur in extra expenses for your refusal, we'll make all the possible to retrieve the amount we unjustly had to pay.

It is responsibility of the Extra EU customer to know the local laws regarding custom fees and his/her responsibility to pay them.

The Loyalty Program is a Discount program we are offering to our most active customers. In case of misconductions of the customer we can revoke it at any moment.