Loyalty Program

We are now introducing a loyalty program for our most affectionate customers!

Tiers are calculated by the amount spent on our store in the latest 18 months.

Discounts for every tier are applied automatically so there is no specific action you have to do! If you are part of the Loyal Program you'll view all products in shop as "On Sale".


The only limitation we are applying is that a refunded preorder before the release date impact on the amount spent, so if you spent 650 euro in the latest 18 months but you decide to cancel a preorder of 100 euro, the total amount will become 650-100 = 550 Euro.
This limitation is applied also to cancelled backorders.

It's possible to enter the loyalty program only after the second order you place on our store, this is for logistic reasons.

 When you place a preorder deposit, the amount we consider for Loyalty program is the full price of the preorder, not the amount you paid as a deposit, in order to not penalize too much this kind of payment.


Here are the advantages of the Loyalty program for every tier:

  Tier 0 (50 Euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 1 (150 euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 2 (400 Euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 3 (600 euro spent in latest 18 months)
Discounts on all Products In Stock/In Stock in 15 Days / 2% 5% 10%
Discounts on all  other Products / 2% 3% 5%
Access to Premium Store Yes Yes Yes Yes


If you are eligible for the Loyalty Program, you'll view all products on the shop as "On Sale", the amount of the discount will change depending by the tier you belong to.