Shipping & Returns


We usually ship  in 24-48 hours, if you order an item In Stock. For Pre-Orders the estimate delivery dates are written in every product. 

All our shipments are tracked, you'll receive the tracking code of your order, right after its departure from our shop! We ship with UPS Courier and tracked postal service.


A product  "In Stock in 20 Days" is a product we don't have in stock but can we can order for you from our suppliers. Usually the time required from the time of your request to the reception of the product is of at least 20 days. 


 Shipment Table

 Country  Shipping Cost  Free Shipping for orders over...
Andorra 19.99 Euro   Not Available
Austria 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Belarus 59.99 Euro   Not Available
Belgium 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Bosnia and Herzegovina 19.99 Euro   Not Available
Bulgaria 9.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Croatia 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Cyprus 14.99 Euro   Not Available
Czech Republic 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Denmark 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Estonia 9.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Finland 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
France 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Germany 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Greece 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Hungary 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Ireland 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Italy 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Latvia 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Lithuania 9.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Luxembourg 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Malta 9.99 Euro   Not Available
Moldova 19.99 Euro   Not Available
Monaco 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Montenegro 19.99 Euro   Not Available
Poland 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Portugal 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Netherlands 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Romania 9.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Slovakia 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Slovenia 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Spain Peninsula And Baleari Islands 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Sweden 6.99 Euro   24.99 Euro
Ukraine 19.99 Euro   Not Available
United Kingdom 9.99 Euro   24.99



North America


Country Shipping Cost Free Shipping for orders of over...
Canada 29.99 Euro Not Available
United States 24.99 Euro Not Available




Returns and Refunds


If a product you received shows some damage, contact us with the form on our site and attach a photo showing clearly the damage within 7 days from the reception of the package. You can do this process in the case of clearly visible production defects of a figure or product, we'll find in every way possible to help you offering you a return and refunds on a case by case basis. Before shipping a product we accurately check it, avoiding to ship products with boxes visibly damaged. If a box shows some damage, we'll write it in the product description. We cannot open the boxes or they'll lose the "New" Condition. 

As for videogames, we cannot give refunds of games that can be activate through codes.