Request a Figure/Product

If you are interested in a figure or specific product that we don't have listed on our site (or it's out of stock), you can ask us to try to search for it on Japanese Market or from one of our suppliers.


It's not necessary to finalise the purchase after asking us, if you want to ask if we could order a product for you or if it's available feel free to ask us, without obligations to buy.


Since we are an European Shop we cannot offer Japanese prices, as you can see from the products in our shop, so indicatively the prices will be similar to the products listed. Some products' prices raise dramatically just after the release of the products in Japan, while some other don't. We will propose you a price comprensive of administrative taxes (If the product is available). Then you can choose if you are ok with the price or not. We'll try to find what you ask for and propose a good price, but it really depends from the rarity of the product asked. If you accept the price, we'll ask for your payment and we'll order the product from Japan. We'll ask you to pay only when we have the effective availability of the item, not before.


If a product is not available at the time of your request, we can monitor it and contact you if it becomes available. Please note that some products become very rare after the release, so we'll do the possible but we cannot guaranteee to manage to find them.


Please, when asking for a product, insert the name of the product, possibly the brand, the EAN if you know it, and link an image. You can request info about more than a products. Obviously you can ask info about preorders we don't have listed on the site.

We usually reply from Monday to Friday (holidays excluded)
For the service "figure requests" we may need additional time to search for the figures you requested so we'll contact as soon as we have more info!