Preorder Policy


What is a preorder?

A preorder is a product with a future release date, that you can order in advance so you'll secure a copy of it when it will be released. 


Do I have to pay immediately when I preorder an item?

You can choose to pay immediately for your preorder or wait to pay in a second moment, when the product you ordered will be available from our Japanese or European supplier.


How can I choose to Pay Later? 

In the checkout module, after having added the item you want to preorder, you just have to select "Pay Later".


After having preordered a product with "Pay Later", what is the procedure?


We'll send an invoice through e-mail to make the payment some time before the release date of the product. The payment for "Pay Later" items can be made with credit cards (through the circuit Stripe, we send the link to pay securely through it directly) or Paypal if the customer prefers it. If for some reason you cannot pay in that moment we can wait and re-send a second invoice in a closer moment to the release date. 

If after the second invoice request the payment is not made, we are very sorry but we have to cancel your preorder. In case of problems regarding the payment please contact us and we'll help you.

Bargaining isn't allowed in every case. The price to be paid is the one in the invoice created at the moment of the order. No extra discounts will be applied. Please understand.


In case of change of the release date of a preorder, will you inform me?


We'll try to inform you of all changes related your preorder, and you'll receive the tracking code of your order, after being shipped by us.


Can I cancel a preorder?

It's always possible to cancel a preorder, with no administrative fees. Please contact us telling us you want to cancel.