COVID-19 - Situation on our site

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, sometimes some delays may happen. In this page we summarize the actual situation regarding shipments availability of our site.


We'll try to make all possible efforts in order to ship all orders regularly, so shop at ease, in the worst case scenario your product will come back to us (with a full refund to you from us), but all our shipments are tracked, so you'll never have the fear of losing the product you paid for.


All our shipments are tracked and shipped with UPS courier (or Express postal courier, always tracked, if UPS is not available).



What happens if I cannot receive the product I ordered and it is retained by Courier?  

We'll contact the courier and we'll try to arrange other deliveries to your address. In case of lockdown or other limitation making this impossible, the package will be received back by us. If it's possible to resend the package we'll try to resend it to you (at our expense). If not, we'll give you a full refund.

If a product I order returns to you, it is possible to reserve the product for a future re-delivery?

Sure, after receiving back the product, we'll contact you to know if you prefer a full refund or if you prefer we retain your product for a future redelivery.


Availability of products

Products in Stock:  spunta-verde.png Orders In Stock are arriving regularly. 


Backorders:  651893-200.png Delays and slowdown in arrival of products ordered from Japan

Preorders:  spunta-verde.png Preorders are arriving regularly. There are some slowdowns for products Japan Import.


Critical Zones:


No critical zones at the moment.


If you have questions, feel free to contact us through our Contact Module on our site, or on Facebook. 


Please contact us writing in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish or German