Premium Store Now Available and changes to Backorders Japan Import

Premium Store Now Available and changes to Backorders Japan Import

Hi! Premium Store is now available for all customers being part of the Loyalty Program! In this store it's possible to order products we can import from Japan on request! Usually all Backorders were in the same category on our site, but we decided to split them in order to tutelate ourselves. In the past months we have had many problems with backorders, due to the indeciveness and fear of many (casual) customers, who ordered without reading the rules and then asking to cancel the order after some days, causing us a great problem, having ordered products of even 300-400 euro from Japan and having also to refund the (casual) customer.

So we decided to mantain an assortment of low-medium costs backorders in the usual "Backorder - Japan Import" and creating the Premium Store in order to continue offering high prices products and products difficult to find in Europe without risking a bankrupt. Obviously we know there is a right of withdrawal by the customer, but please remember this is an extra service we offer and we cannot risk further problems at the moment.

By limiting the access to Premium Store to customers being in the Loyalty Program we hope to be able to decrease the majority of problems of backorders. Please remember that backorders (both Normal and Premium) cannot be cancelled, and in case of cancellations we will be forced to limit your access to the Premium Store. Obviously this also applies to normal backorders. A customer asking for backorder cancellations will be banned from that store category (And in some cases form Preorders too).

We have created a new tier for Loyalty Customers, the Tier 0, that doesn't give access to discounts but to the Premium Store. It will be automatically granted to customers having spent a total of 50 euro in the latest 18 months, and after your second order on our store.

Also, regarding both Premium and Normal Backorders, from now on we'll require a minimum of 1 month to import the product, we will send you an estimate date at the moment of the backorder and updates about your backorder, just like a preorder.

That's all, bye!

21st May 2022

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