Changes to "Request a Figure" and new discounts for Loyalty customers!

Hi! For reasons of time we are making a little change to the "Request a Figure" feature! 

From now on we cannot guarantee we can reply to every request by mail, but we can guarantee we'll search all the requested figures/products. Please bear in mind that high prices products will be added in Premium Store, if they are backorders. Keep an eye on our store and ask us every figure you wish for, if we can find it, we'll add it to our store!

Regarding the Loyalty Customers, we added a new discount regarding the category of our store "Preorders Cranes/Prizes/Plushes JAPAN IMPORT" and "Backorders JAPAN IMPORT".  You can view all discounts available in the table below:

  Tier 0 (50 Euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 1 (150 euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 2 (400 Euro spent in latest 18 months) Tier 3 (600 euro spent in latest 18 months)
Discounts on all Products In Stock / 2% 5% 10%
Discounts on Preorders Cranes/Prizes/Plushes JAPAN IMPORT an Backorders JAPAN IMPORT / 2% 5% 10%
Discounts on all other products / 2% 3% 5%
Access to Premium Store Yes Yes Yes Yes


30th May 2022

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