About Us

Hello and welcome to our store!

We sell only authentic Japanese and American products, directly imported from us or distributed to us from our trusted European supplier. We are located in Italy.

We do not sell counterfeit products at all and we'll never sell them. 

Penguin's Crown is born in 2019, selling initially on Amazon and eBay, primarily Nendoroid and imported figures from Japan.

In April 2020 we opened our store, the one you are in right now, and thanks to the trust and support of our customers the store is steadily growing and we'll continue to give the best service possible to try to live up to it.

Our objective is to provide Preorders and In Stock products, but with an eye on rarer products. We try to search for rare products that can be appealing also to fans of niche Anime/Manga. Some products are really hard to find so we try to not increase too much our prices, still trying to give the best possible service.

If you have doubts/questions we are always here to help!


Thank you for visiting our Store!